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Cost of Cars

While I like to find ways to save and not waste money, I still enjoy nice things and try to find a good deal (when possible) on our bigger purchases.  Transportation can be a major expense for some people and can get out of control if you have expensive taste.  My approach to affording nice

Summer Vacations

We typically try to take at least a one week summer vacation.  These costs can add up with two kids, especially when flying somewhere.  I’ve become a big fan of  playing the credit card points game to help subsidize our travel and hotel costs.  Last year I signed up for a Marriott rewards card and

Cost of kids

My wife and I always knew we wanted at least two kids.  After having two kids, we know two is the perfect number for us.  We’re very blessed and are thankful for our family.  Since my wife is a teacher, she was able to take off a lot more time than many (while still retaining

Southern California Housing

I grew up around construction, but didn’t have a strong interest in real estate until my mid-20’s.  My first home purchase was a studio condominium in a Southern California beach city.  I bought it for $250,000 in 2007 and recall my realtor telling me it would be worth $350,000 the next year (didn’t happen).  I

First post

I’m in IT and my wife is a teacher.  My wife loves her career and I like mine, but I’d like to do something for a living that I love.  As I write this, we are a few months away from paying off our 4 bedroom home in a beach city of Los Angeles.  I’ve